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First off, I would like to thank Walker Ashley and [Northern Illinois University] for graciously offering to host these files, and make them available for download. I would also like to thank my co-worker J.L. Laurenti for allowing me to use his personal copies of these reports (some parts yellowing from old age!) for scanning. 

Included here is the entire 200 or so pages of Robert C. Miller's Tech Report 200, and Charlie Crisp's Tech Notes 79/002. Crisp's notes were scanned in color, which is why they are larger files. The second part of Crisp's notes (pp. 45-72) seem to be a rare find, even here at AFWA, so I had to find another older copy, which was stapled, and such appears a bit a tad unprofessional. Likewise for Miller's TR 200. 

Couple of things with regards to the files. The quality on some of them, especially parts of Miller's TR 200, aren't especially stellar. However, they are readable, and are just fine for most purposes I believe. If you need a higher quality copy, I'll see what I can do, but I can't guarantee it. Please email me at the email address below. Also, on Miller's TR 200, there is some "bleeding" through the pages, but I don't think it's a problem. Finally, in Miller's TR 200, I somehow managed to scan page 3-18 twice. Feel free to ignore one of them. 

John Massura 
Air Force Weather Agency 
Omaha, NE

There are a couple way to access the files. You can access the individual pdf files by right clicking on the file > save target as. Please see the Adobe download page for access to Adobe Acrobat Reader software. For those who are familiar with Linux and/or Unix, you can download a tar file [57.3 M] of all of the files below or the individual files gzip'd here. Note the size of these files! For those with slow connections (i.e., 56 Kbps), it will take a very long time to download these files.

Miller, R.C., 1972: Notes on the analysis and severe-storm forecasting procedures of the Air Force Global Weather Central. Air Weather Service Tech. Rept. 200 (Rev.), Air Weather Service, Scott Air Force Base, IL, 190 pp.

Download File File Includes: Size
tr200_intro-chapter_3.pdf TR 200 (Introduction - Chapter 3) 4.5 MB Total of 17.2 MB
tr200_chapter_4-7.pdf TR 200 (Chapter 4 - 7) 3.9 MB
tr200_chapter_8-11.pdf TR 200 (Chapter 8 - 11) 1.9 MB
tr200_appendix_a-h.pdf TR 200 (Appendix A - H) 6.9 MB

Crisp, C. A., 1979: Training guide for severe weather forecasters. Air Weather Service Tech. Note 79/002. Air Force Global Weather Central, Offutt Air Force Base, NE, 73 pp. 

Download File File Includes: Size
tn79_002_intro-p.44.pdf  TN 79 (Introduction - page 44) 24.4 MB Total of 41.7 MB
tn79_002_p.45-73.pdf TN 79 (page 45 - 73) 17.3 MB


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