Walker S. Ashley, Ph.D., CCM

Professor, Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences, Northern Illinois University

Faculty Associate, NIU Institute for the Study of Environment, Sustainability, & Energy

Certified Consulting Meteorologist (#668), StormForensics.com

 Steve Larson

219-D Davis Hall

Dept. of Geographic 

and Atmospheric Sciences

Northern Illinois University

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Photographing a supercell west of Rapid City, SD on 1 June 2015. Live Altgeld Hall view. Click image for additional views.
I am an atmospheric scientist and physical geographer with interests in hazards and societal interactions, severe storms, and applied climatology and meteorology.  My current research focuses on 1) understanding how human vulnerability contributes to weather-related disasters, 2) how urbanization and other land covers/uses influence thunderstorm formation, 3) radar-based climatologies of organized thunderstorms, and 4) weather hazard impacts on transportation systems.  In the past, I have investigated the climatology and hazards of widespread and long-lived windstorms known as derechos, the rainfall patterns of thunderstorm complexes, the importance of increasing population and suburban sprawl on tornado vulnerability, and the geographies of weather-related fatalities.
Education: Research Spotlight:
Ph.D. (2005) University of Georgia

M.S. (2000) University of Nebraska

B.S. (1997) University of Georgia

A.S. (1995) Young Harris College


Courses I teach or have taught: (next time offered)

GEOG 105 Introduction to the Atmosphere

MET 291 Field Experience in Meteorology

MET 300 Meteorology

GEOG 303 Water Resources and the Environment (Sp. '18)

GEOG 306 Severe and Hazardous Weather (Sp. '18)

MET 360 Radar Meteorology (F '18)

GEOG 406/506 Natural Hazards and Environ. Risk (F '18)

MET 444/544 Mesoscale Meteorology (Sp. '18)

GEOG 498C/790C Adv. Meteorological Applications

Journal publications: (Google Scholar citations; Research Gate)

Strader, S. M., W. S. Ashley, T. J. Pingel, and A. J. Krmenec: How land use alters the tornado disaster landscape. [in review]

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Other selected publications:

Ashley, W. S., and V. Gensini, 2017: Weather, extreme weather, and extreme storms. The International Encyclopedia of Geography. Richardson et al. Eds., Wiley-Blackwell. [PDF]

Ashley, W. S., S. M. Strader, T. Rosencrants, and A. J. Krmenec, 2014: Is the Expanding Bull's Eye Effect leading to greater and more frequent weather disasters? Paper of Note. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 95, 510-511. [PDF]

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Funded grants:

Collaborative Research: Observed and Future Dynamically Downscaled Estimates of Precipitation Associated with Mesoscale Convective Systems.  With V. Gensini and R. Schumacher. National Science Foundation, Climate & Large-scale Dynamics Program and Physical & Dynamic Meteorology Program, 2017-2020.

Tornadoes and Mobile Homes: An Inter-science Approach to Reducing Vulnerabilities and Improving Capacities for the Southeast's Most Susceptible Population.  With S. Strader (Villanova) and K. Klockow (CIMMS). National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017-2019.

Collaborative Research: Climatological and Event-based Radar Delineation of UHI Convection for Urban Corridors within the Southeastern U.S.  With M. L. Bentley and J. A. Stallins. National Science Foundation, Geography & Regional Science Program and Physical & Dynamic Meteorology Program, 2007-2012.

NIU Undergraduate Research and Apprenticeship Program. Spring 2006, fall 2006-spring 2007, fall 2007-spring 2008, fall 2008-spring 2009, fall 2009-spring 2010, fall 2010-spring 2011, fall 2011-spring 2012, fall 2012-spring 2013, fall 2013-spring 2014, fall 2014-spring 2015.

NIU Research and Artistry Grant. Summer 2006, summer 2008, summer 2014, summer 2017.

NIU Undergraduate Research Assistantship. Summer 2014, spring 2015.

NIU Student Engagement Fund. Summer 2015, fall 2015, fall 2016, fall 2017.

NIU Great Journeys Assistantship. Fall 2014-spring 2015, fall 2015-spring 2016.

Former and current graduate students:
Advisor/Major Professor: Soren Hall, M.S. 2006 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers); Alan Black, M.S. 2008 (Program Manager, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program; Assistant Professor of Research, Dept. of Geography and Anthropology, LSU); Monica Zappa, M.S. 2009 (Gilbert F. White Award; Osmar Racing); Chris Gilson, M.S. 2009 (KRQE); Joe Schoen, M.S. 2009 (Geneva High School); Jeremy Spencer, M.S. 2009 (Lecturer, University of Akron); Marius Paulikas, M.S. 2010 (Instructor, Bowling Green State University); Victor Gensini, M.S. 2010 (Associate Professor, College of DuPage); Andrew King, M.S. 2011 (Lanworth, Inc); Laura Briley, M.S. 2012 (Great Lakes Integrated Sciences + Assessments Center); Troy Rosencrants, M.S. 2013 (Geographic Information Systems Center, University of Michigan-Flint); Kristina Rohrbach, M.S. 2013 (Gilbert F. White Award; City of St. Charles); Andrew Fultz, M.S. 2015 (Air Balance); Stephen Strader, Ph.D. 2016, M.S. 2012 (Assistant Professor, Villanova University; NIU Outstanding Thesis Award); Alex Haberlie, Ph.D. student (M.S., NIU, 2014; NIU Outstanding Thesis Award); Ashley Freeman, M.S. 2016 (Allstate); Alex Ferguson, M.S. 2016 (NWS Sioux Falls); Robert Fritzen, M.S. student; Hannah Eboh, M.S. student (student Fulbright grantee); Shane Eagan, M.S. student (NWS Rapid City); Jacob Strohm, M.S. student; Kai Funahashi, M.S. student; Dominique Watson, M.S. student; Sarah Hall, M.S. student.

Committee Member: Lauren Lee, M.S., 2006 (GIS Analyst, Carroll County, IL); Dustin Oltman, M.S., 2007 (Aon Benfield); Cameron Lee, M.S., 2010 (Ph.D. student, Kent State Univ.); Tom Walsh, M.S, 2010 (Lanworth, Inc); Ian Chang, M.S., 2012 (Ph.D. student, University of Alabama-Huntsville ); Rick DiMaio, M.S., 2013 (Professor, Lewis University); Laura Skelly, M.S., 2013 (Corn Mazes America); Adam Dawson, M.S., 2013 (Aon Benfield); Al Marinaro, M.S., 2015 (MDA Information Systems); Stefanie Pansch, M.S. student; Steven Chun, M.S. student; Brittany Newman, M.S. student.


American Meteorological Society Weather, Climate, and Society Editor's Award (2016)

NIU Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award (2016)

NIU David Raymond Technology in Teaching Award (2017)

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What is a chubasco? A violent squall with thunder and lightning, encountered during the rainy season along the west coast of Central America.